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Without a method of converting the power produced by the engine into useful thrust an aircraft would just be sitting still and creating a lot of noise and not get anywhere. In the past, all kinds of different propeller designs were tried: sometimes flat wooden blades, from one bladed counter weighted to multiple blade models rotating at various speeds.

Variable pitch propellers have a distinct advantage compared to fixed pitch models. This translates into a more fuel efficient, higher performing aircraft with much improved rate of climb and shorter takeoffs for those tight places!

Catto Propellers is a progressive leader in propeller technology. With more than six world records set in speed, time to climb, altitude and short field takeoff, Catto Propellers offers an array of modern specialized propellers for experimental aircraft.

About Catto Propellers

The company is manufacturing a durable, structural composite propeller with an optional nickel leading edge (which we highly recommended). The propeller blades are fully encapsulated with composite material protecting it from the elements. Be sure to specify for which aircraft application you need a propeller when ordering yours as they are designed and made to order.

Aircraft with Catto propellers are: RV, Light Sport Aircraft (LSA), STOL, aerobatic and are available in three and two blade models. Catto says: "From a performance standpoint the two blade and three blade perform very similar, almost equivalent. The three blade propeller is smoother due to it's ability to distribute the power pulses from the engine". We agree.

Wood core

The laminated natural hardwood Maple core is CNC machined for precision and quality control, followed by glass/carbon fiber composite for structural integrity. This wood core is ideal to dampen the harmonic vibration from the engine to ensure the smoothest possible operation at any RPM.

The propeller is finished with custom paint to match your aircraft, it is very durable and tested in harsh conditions such as aerobatics, Reno AirRacers and the Alaska bush environment. Each propeller is designed specifically for each application, for each aircraft and made exactly to your requirements.

Leading edge

Nickel Leading Edge

The replaceable nickel leading edges are electro vacuum formed during construction of the blades, this creates a long lasting edge capable of handling rain and debris for years to come. Make sure to order this as it looks really great!


Paperwork has been submitted to the EAS, Experimental Aviation of Switzerland for approval of design and structural integrity. ASTM testing was the basis for this documentation. Sample data was derived from the production of propellers for LSA (light sport aircraft). Approval has already been obtained from the UK LAA, light aircraft association, also, FAA certification for the Super Cub is also being sought.

With several certifications pending, Catto Propellers are excited to gain full certification in existing and new markets, making Catto Propellers available to a broader range of aviation enthusiasts and professionals for many generations to come.

Company information

Catto Propellers can be contacted at the following addresses:

Catto Propellers
Jackson Westover Airport
12370 Airport Rd. Hanger 156
Jackson, CA. 95246, USA
+1 209 754-3553
[email protected]

Text and images used with permission (pending) of Catto Propellers.

Written by EAI.

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