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Culver Props

Culver Props, USA

Without a method of converting the power produced by the engine into useful thrust an aircraft would just be sitting still and creating a lot of noise and not get anywhere. In the past, all kinds of different propeller designs were tried: sometimes flat wooden blades, from one bladed counterweighted to multiple blade models rotating at various speeds.

Wooden hand made propellers are still being sought after due to their original look and fine quality. Numerous modern aircraft are being flown with these beauties, ranging from ultralights to authentic (and replicas of) aircraft from a bygone era.

Culver Props is a subsidiary of Valley Engineering located in Rolla, Missouri since 2001. They are a family owned business established in 1999 with a huge love for aviation and this can be seen in the beautiful propellers they manufacture.

Hand Made Propellers

Maple Mahogany Propellers

Each propeller is made to meet the customers need regarding cruise rpm, size and pitch. They are made from northern hard maple, mahogany and birch. Every piece of wood is hand selected by a skilled woodworker and, before shipment, carefully inspected to the highest standards maintained by the company.

Prop Details

Before Culver can start building your propeller they need information on: bolt pattern and size, right or left hand rotation (pusher or tractor configuration), center hole diameter, reduction gear ratio (should you have any) and what cruise speed (mph) and engine rpm you require.

Pitch Calculator

On their website you will find their pitch calculator very helpful answering these important questions. A torque specification table for propeller bolts is also onsite.

Reconditioned Propellers

Culver also has a large supply of reconditioned, used and trade-in propellers available. To be used as backup, or to put them on your plane or in your shop and just admire them. Should you be interested, give them a call to see what is on hand. Savings up to 50% can be had with these practically new second hand propellers!

Prop Carving Video

To get an impression how Culver fabricates their propellers have a look at the next video:

Gearbox, PSRU

Valley Engineering manufactures and sells prop speed reductions units for VW engines. These PSRU's have undergone ten years of research and development. These units were designed and developed to meet the performance needs of their ultralights, trainers and light planes they had been building since 1993. Testing showed these reduction units to be very strong and lightweight, yet they yielded outstanding and unmatched performance.

Company information

Valley Engineering/Culver Props can be contacted at the following addresses:

Valley Engineering, L.L.C. - Culver Props
15685 Co. Rd. 7100
Rolla, Missouri 65401, USA
+1 573-364-6311
[email protected]

Text adapted and used with permission (pending) of Culver Props.

written by EAI.