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The last couple of years development in aircraft engines has been more or less concentrating on diesels. We have seen one off installations to fully developed production lines. A number of companies are active on this market primarily due to major concern of long term availability and the relative high price of AVgas (Europe).

In 1997, a joint venture between Socata and Renault Sport F1 led to the creation of SMA. A couple of years later Safran became 100% shareholder and subsidiary of Snecma.
From the first get go they developed a dedicated aircraft diesel engine for the small aircraft market, not being ultralights. This has led to an engine with remarkable achievements like the first transatlantic flight and a flight across the Andes by a single engine aircraft powered by a SMA diesel.

SR305-230E Specifications

Excerpt from the document:

SMA, a subsidiary of Snecma (Safran) develops, is manufacturing and sells compression ignition engines. Ideally suited for professional or private aircraft using Jet fuels, the SR305 can be easily installed on single or multi-engines airframes. The 230 hp version SR305-230E has been certified by EASA and FAA in 2010.

The SR305 is a diesel-cycle engine purpose built for aircraft integration. It has four horizontally opposed cylinders and is air and oil-cooled. It is fully compatible with a large variety of Jet fuels available worldwide.

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