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RED Aircraft GmbH

RED Aircraft GmbH

The last couple of years development in aircraft engines has been more or less concentrating on diesels. We have seen one off installations to fully developed production lines. A number of companies are active on this market primarily due to major concern of long term availability and the relative high price of AVgas (Europe).

Diesel engines are able to use JET fuel (AVtur). This fuel is available worldwide and can also be made of renewable sources (algae) which should contribute to a cleaner environment.

Raikhlin Aircraft Engine Development from Germany has been designing and developing a high performance diesel (compression ignition) engine for the high end aviation market. This is an engine you will not find anytime soon on a LSA or other small experimental aircraft

German Diesel Technology

RED Aircraft GmbH A03

The RED A03 is a lightweight, aluminum alloy, compression-ignition, internal combustion 12-cylinder turbo-charged engine in 80° V configuration with two six-cylinder banks capable of independent operation. This engine is certified with the FAA (US) and EASA (EU).

This engine is capable of a power output between 500 to 600 hp, it operates on JET (A) or normal diesel fuel and can be run upto FL500 (50000 ft), and compared to turbine engines of the same power category it uses 50% less fuel.


Taking a good look at the engine, we see a V12 and that is basically two 6-cylinder inline engines on one crankshaft. With this design this also means that all secondary systems are duplicated. Thus it will be capable of running on either bank of cylinders, although with less power.

Electronic Engine Control/ FADEC

RED Aircraft GmbH ECU

And of-course, being a modern engine it is equipped with an electronic engine control unit called a Full-Authority-Digital-Engine-Control (FADEC) certified to design assurance level B. This ECU is fully redundant in case of failure.

The single power control lever operation reduces pilot workload and increases safety. The FADEC is certified according to the civil aviation standards DO-178B for software and DO-254 for hardware.


This engine has flown, as a testbed in a YAK-52 (2010) and is set into the market as a replacement for turbine engines in this power class. For example: agricultural applications will profit from the lower fuel consumption and reduced operating cost compared to other type of engines.

This engine is also applied in UAVs and more recently: in the Celera 500L from Otto Aviation. For more information about this unique aircraft visit the website of: Otto Aviation.

Engineering Services

The company also provides specialized engineering services with quick turn around times and products are build with passion for perfection. They also hold EASA design, maintenance and production certificates. Thus you can be assured of high quality workmanship and parts.

Should you be interested in this service, please contact the company at this page: Manufacturing Services for more information.

Company information

Raikhlin Aircraft Engine Development can be contacted at:

RED Aircraft GmbH
Am Alten Wehr 23
D-53518 Adenau, Germany
+49 2691 937 760

Text and images used with permission of RED aircraft GmbH.

Engine & Test Flight

The video below shows all the RED A03 engine and its application in a YAK-52 aircraft.

For more engine details and pricing information we refer you to the website of RED Aircraft GmbH.

Written by EAI.

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