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AM15 Aero EngineAM15 Aero Engine

AeroMomentum Aircraft Engines

Based in Stuart Florida, USA we find another car engine conversion. The company is called AeroMomentum and is run by Mark Kettering. They manufacture a low cost, factory new car engine converted for aerospace applications with FADEC / fuel injection and a typical specific fuel consumption of 0.39 lbs/hp/hr.

The engine is based on the well proven Suzuki G series engine, made from all new parts and is build up in Stuart, Florida. Every engine is tested and run with a propeller before shipment to the customer.

At the moment the company is manufacturing four engine models: the AM10 75 hp three cylinder, the AM13 100 hp four cylinder, the AM15 four cylinder with 117 hp and the AM20T a turbo charged model with 260 hp. All engines can be painted in different colors to suit your aircraft and personal taste.

These engines are being produced for boats and airboats since 2008 and the company has a lot of experience in maintaining and operating them.

Suzuki Based Engines

AM15 Aero EngineAM15 Aero Engine

AeroMomentum engines are 3 or 4 inline cylinders, precision cast aluminum block and head, steel cylinder sleeves, 4 valves per cylinder, single overhead cam, toothed belt cam drive, fixed valve timing, plenum tuned intake system, tuned tubular exhaust system, 2.5:1 ratio PSRU to drive the propeller.

The oil pump is direct crank driven gerotor (trochoid), solid cast steel crank, forged connecting rods, Bosch FADEC engine control system, dual coil ignition, sequential fuel injection, knock sensor, light weight 40 amp alternator with an optional 70 amp version and hemispherical combustion chamber.


AM15 Aero Engine DrawingAM15 Aero Engine Drawing

The crankcase is CNC machined from aerospace aluminum alloy billet. The gears and shafts are forged and finished to AGMA aerospace standards. Coupling the engine to the gearbox is a German made Guibo rubber dampening donut that also is designed to last to engine TBO.

The PSRU uses an all gear design with the same TBO as the engines. The only service is periodic oil changes, no belts or other expendables. It is designed for 4 cylinder engines up to 210 hp and utilizes oversize gears and oversize bearings for extreme durability and reliability. The propeller shaft is hollow allowing for mechanical propeller pitch adjustment. The hub is drilled for standard Rotax, high power Rotax and optional SAE-1 propellers.

For the AM15 we have a firewall mount illustration available, hover the mouse over the image for a more easier to read size.

Comparing Engines

Below an overview of the specifications of the AeroMomentum engines.

Engine ModelAM10AM13AM15AM20T
Power75 hp @ 6000 RPM (2318 prop RPM)100 hp @ 5800 RPM (2240 prop RPM)117 hp @ 5800 RPM (2240 prop RPM)260 hp @ 5800 RPM
Displacement (cm3)1000130015001998
Dry Weight63 kg (139 lbs)81 kg (178 lbs)85 kg (188 lbs)129 kg (286 lbs)
Gearbox Ratio2.588:12.588:12.588:1unknown
Fuel Consumption2.68 Gal/hr (55%)3.5 Gal/hr (55%)4.2 Gal/hr (55%)unknown

All models have a Bosch FADEC engine management system.

Company information

AeroMomentum, CEO Mark Kettering, can be contacted and visited at the following addresses:

AeroMomentum Aircraft Engines
2796 SE Monroe St.
Stuart Florida, 34997 USA
+1 772 240 2266
[email protected]

Text and images used with permission of AeroMomentum.

Written by EAI.

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