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The company is using Honda L15-series car engines for their conversion to an aircraft application. These are not new but close and have been used in cars for less than 6 months or 5000 miles. After they leave the Viking factory assembly line they can be considered as a rebuilt/new aircraft engine.

The result is an engine with the latest technology for the lowest price available. The fuel economy is world class; the power to weight ratio is superb. The quality of the engines is as good as Honda gets it and to ensure reliability, Viking performs dynometer testing combined with thousands of hours of in-fight testing.

Below an extensive document about the Honda L15 series engine, it covers in great detail the inner workings of this remarkable piece of machinery.

Honda L15 Engine details

Credit: Asia VTEC series, TOVA Special.

Excerpt from the document:

All the various types of Fit / Jazz are powered by a variant of the new L-series engine. There are a total of four versions of this engine used : 1.2l, 1.3l and 1.5l, these are SOHC i-DSI designs and finally a 1.5l SOHC VTEC version which is not an i-DSI version.

The new L-series features some key innovative ideas. The benchmark against which the L-series was designed would be the well-established D-series engine, what Honda identifies as the 'conventional VTEC unit'. The L-series was designed to be smaller in dimension and lighter than the D-series. It is also designed to be as efficient, returning equal or better fuel economies as well as achieving lower emission levels.

To continue reading see the pdf below:

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