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Aerosport IO-375 Engine

Aero Sport Power Engines

The last couple of years development in aircraft engines has been more or less concentrating on diesel engines. We have seen one off installations to fully developed production lines.

A number of companies are active on this market primarily due to major concern of long term availability and the relative high price of AVgas (Europe). Which makes sense as Jet fuel is available everywhere, even in places where AVgas is not and has to be flown in.
But still, development in and with AVgas engines is still going on.

Aero Sport Power specializes in designing, building and customizing high performance engines. You as the customer get to say what and how you want your engine to be build. This is a huge difference compared to the usual engine manufacturers.

The company has been operating for more than 20 years and, together with Pro Aero Aviation Ltd. and Progressive Air Services Ltd. are under the supervision of Progressive Air Group of companies.

ASP Experimental Engines

Being the largest experimental aircraft engine assembler (their words!) they have a large range of engines with numerous power outputs available:

Engine Models & Power Output
O-20095 - 125 HPO/IO-320150 - 160 HP
O/IO-340 Stroker175 HPO/IO-360180 HP
O/IO-375195 HPIO-400215 HP
IO-540260 - 300 HPAEIO-580-EXP315++ HP

IO-382 Wildcat

Their latest product is the IO-382, this engine is dynometer tested at 200 HP. With potential to grow if you select the port and flow matched cylinders and upgrade to an electronic ignition for 10 % more performance and 1,5 USG less fuel consumption. The cylinders are made from Superior Millennium steel. The oil crankcase is balanced for better lubrication of moving and rotating parts. Also, Superior’s proprietary Electro Slag Remelt (ESR) process is used, making a stronger more resilient crankshaft.

Aerosport IO-375 Engine

ASP engines use one or more of the following technologies: ECI carbide nickel tapered fin cylinders, slick magnetos and harness, spark plugs, Sky-tec light weight inline starter, precision Silver Hawk fuel injection, Superior cold air horizontal induction oil sump or vertical induction oil sump, balanced crankshaft, inner cylinder baffles, Conical or Dynafocal type mount, spin-on oil filter adapter and vacuum pump adapter housing, dipstick and tube.

The company provides a 12 month installation period before the 36 month or 500 hour warranty period starts. So order your engine as late as possible in the project.

Build School

For those of you wishing to even build their own engine (I would ;-) Aero Sport offers a build school where this is possible under supervision of experienced technicians. You will learn to setup the fuel system, ignition timing, maintenance and much more, recommended!

Certified Engines

Pro Aero Aviation (www.proaeroav.com) sells, maintains, overhauls and repairs certified piston aero engines. They are a Transport Canada AMO, Approved Maintenance Organization and overhaul some 200 certified engines annually. The company is located in Kamloops, BC, Canada.

ASP Company information

Aero Sport Power can be contacted and visited at the following addresses:

Aero Sport Power
965 Airport Road, Kamloops
British Columbia, Canada, V2B 7W8
+1 250 376 2955
[email protected]
Written by EAI.

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