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Lycoming Aircraft Engine

Lycoming Aircraft Engines

Lycoming has been producing aircraft engines since 1929 and is actively involved in certifying their engines to run on mogas and possibly other fuels as avgas will be phased out within the next couple of years.

The TEO-540-A1A is controlled by a state of the art electronic fuel injection FADEC which is single lever, with knock detection, turbo and propeller control, common rail fuel system and electronic injectors.

The engine features pushbutton start, no matter if its cold or hot and has been used in the Lancair Evolution.

Lycoming IE2 Engine

The Lycoming Integrated Electronic Engine Control is capable of running multiple fuels: 100LL and UL100.

Excerpt from the document:

The first thing a pilot will notice is the simplicity of a single-lever engine control. Mixture and propeller controls are now managed electronically, eliminating the need for additional cockpit levers. Upon starting the aircraft, the pilot will notice the engine’s automotive style. Hot or cold, turn the key, and the engine starts easily and reliably. Engine pre-flight inspections are now automatic and start with the push of a button.

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