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Technical Engine Manuals

Formed in 2006, ULPOWER Aero Engines is a small Belgian company which started as a joint venture by a number of individuals and companies. Their intention is to develop and manufacture a light weight aero engine where power and reliability is priority number one.

This has resulted in the UL260 and UL350 family of engines. Designed as a four cylinder, air cooled, direct drive, multi-point injected and FADEC equipped low RPM engine. Fast forward years later, the company is recognized as an alternative to the established Lycoming and Continental range of engines.

User Manuals ULpower Engines
Operators Manual
Maintenance Manual
Installation Manual
Technical Engine Data
Troubleshooting Manual

To read a manual: select the one of interest above and it will be shown below. For the latest revisions we refer you to the website of ULPower.

Engine Manuals

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