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VzPower Turbo 912

Vz Power Turbocharged 912

Vz POWER is a brand of Carpenterie Pagotto SRL, a private company located in the north east of Italy. Their history goes back some 35 years now, being already the second generation leading the diversification of our portfolio and the development of our products and services.

The company started in aviation around 20 years ago, manufacturing a three axis ultralight of their own design, and adding gradually to offer a family of proprietary weightshift trikes, paramotor tandem trikes and more recently gyrocopters. All of which have been certified and are exported to several countries around the world.

Their latest product is a turbocharged converted 912 Rotax engine. This conversion increases the power output from 80 hp to a whopping 120 hp! This is done without the complexity of the 914 engine.

In 2018 the company introduced a 135 hp version of their engine. For this they used a standard 912ULS 100 hp Rotax.

120 / 135 HP Turbo 912 Engine

The design is based on the well known and reliable Rotax 912 engine to which they added a Mitsubishi turbo. With this setup the total power will be 120 hp with a linear output (the turbo is always active during engine operation), not the step on the power curve which is so typical of the 914. The advantage is that you have all the needed extra thrust at any altitude, with a faster and more direct response of the throttle.

Simple design

Installation Turbo 912Vz Power 912T

There are no electronics (FADEC or ECU) used. The turbo is driven by the exhaust gas only and the waste gate is mechanically activated. The most important thing of all, all these advantages come in a package just over 71 kg. Which makes it at least 1 kg less heavier than a 914 (this weight is for the installed engine with exhaust, air filter, airbox, turbine, carburetors, engine mount...), and is only 3 kg heavier than a stock 912 ULS 100 hp.
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135 HP Rotax 912 ULS

By using new pistons, lowering the compression to the same level as the original 912 engine and adding a turbo charger VzPower achieved 135 HP on the dyno with their 912ULS Turbo! This will open up a new market for them as their are a lot of 912ULS engines out there these days. You will get the smoothness of the 912 with added power!


Vz Power has obtained the DULV certification for this engine configuration, proving the quality of design, manufacturing, and the reliability. This allows any ULM manufacturer to certify and sell their aircraft or rotorcraft with this engine as standard installation in Germany (and consequently in some other countries as well).


Being all CNC milled and all TIG welded parts are produced in house, Vz POWER offers the best value for your money to the market! You will not find a cheaper 120 hp engine with this low installed weight.

The price ranges a little over a 912S and far below a regular Rotax 914 Turbo while offering more power, reliability and less installed weight.

Engine specifications

In the table below you will find the specifications of the converted 912 engine. They are mostly the same except for the increased power output and its time limitation on 5800 RPM.

Vz POWER Turbo Rotax 912 Engine Specifications
Maximum RPM5800 RPM (max 2 min)
Power output at 5000 RPM95 hp – 71 kW
Power output at 5500 RPM105 hp – 78 kW
Power output at 5800 RPM120 hp – 89 kW
Max. torque 5000 RPM148 Nm
Max. MAP, takeoff41 inHg
Max. MAP, continuous38 inHg
Max. CHT100 °C
Min./Max. Fuel pressure0,2 - 0,38 bar
Normal Fuel pressure0,25 / 0,3 bar
Min./Max. oil temperature60 - 100 °C
Min./Max. oil pressure1,8 - 7 bar
Max. fuel consumption35 l/h at 5800 RPM – 120 hp (as 914)
TBO1500 hours, increasing with fleet experience
Warranty2 years against manufacturing defects

Keep in mind that this modification requires no changes to the original Rotax 912.

Company information

Vz POWER can be contacted at the following addresses:

Vz POWER Carpenterie Pagotto S.R.L.
Viale Vittorio Veneto, 9
31010 Godega di Sant'Urbano (TV), Italy
[email protected]

Text and images used with permission of Vz POWER.

Written by EAI.

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