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flygas engineering

Flygas Engineering, Italy

The company has been developing the supercharger option Rotax 912 engine for quite some time now. Based in Bologna Italy, they are manufacturing two gas engines and a Flygas 912 Rotax conversion.

This conversion has many advantages the company claims, some are: no exhaust back pressure, no need for a turbo controller to regulate boost, low exhaust temperatures and many more.

On this page we are going to delve into their high performance engines, Rotax conversion and the subsystems Flygas brings to the market. Their technical brochure can be found here too.

High Performance Engines

There are two engines to date developed by Flygas and the Rotax 912 conversion package, these are listed below:


FlyGAS GAS418HA EngineFlyGAS GAS418HA Engine

The product line starts with the GAS418HA engine a 180 hp @ 5800 RPM, 4 cylinder with a gear driven centrifugal supercharger, ignition is dual spark and with fluid cooling. Lubrication is dry or wet sump (?).

Looking at the images (hover the mouse for a larger image), it seems to have a dual stage supercharger. And the remarkable part: you can choose between a dual EFI system or a EFI and carburetor solution. Flygas is, as far as we know, the only company offering a dual solution like this!

Electrical power is supplied by a 14 V 32 A alternator, and starting the engine is done with a sprung clutch like we normally see with engines.

The gearbox has several reduction options: 2.18:1, 2.2:1 and 2.33:1 for you available. Fuel type is: normal green (whatever that means). The weight is 78 kg with these dimensions: width 664 mm (26 inch), height 449 mm (17,5 inch), depth from the propeller flange is 584 mm (23 inch).

GAS 252

flygas engineering

This is a small two cylinder boxer engine of 71 hp with a weight of 57 kg (125 lbs), displacement is a mere 703 cm3 (43 in3). It is developed for ultralight and trike (weight shift control) aircraft requiring a low weight engine. This is also equipped with a supercharger hence the high power output.

Cooling is through effective fins on the engine, so no radiator or coolant to leak from hoses. Lubrication is dry sump and the fuel is injected with a last generation dual ignition system. Engine parameters are collected by the ECU and via a CAN bus accessible trough dedicated software on your laptop. In short: a modern engine!

Time between overhaul is 600 hours and factory warranty two years.

Supercharged Rotax 912!

The supercharged version by Flygas is the only one in the world (Edge Performance also sells a supercharger) but they combine the electronic fuel injection system together with the carburetors. In addition there is a KED (knob exchange device) that the pilot can use to select EFI or carburetors in case of any issue.

EFI & Carbs

The point they make for this is that an EFI can only be trusted when new, hence they leave the carbs on the engine for safety reasons. The complete system consist of the SUPERCHARGER Rotax 912 with 142 bhp power, a redundant Electronic Fuel Injection "Fly-Safe", a mechanical 3 bar fuel fump and an intake manifold kit with a big compensating pipe.

The video below by Stefano Gamberini, technical manager and owner Flygas, explains the system:

This is a very interesting setup for increasing power for your Rotax 912! Maybe not up to the limit but any increase may help certain pilots in hot, high and humid conditions. More information in the technical brochure of Flygas.

Company information

Flygas can be contacted at the following addresses:

Flygas Engineering
Via Luzzo N°4 Maddalena di C.
Cap 40054 Budrio, Bologna, Italy
+39 051 807 202
[email protected]

Text and images used with permission of Flygas Engineering.

Written by EAI.

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