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EPA Power 917TiEPA Power 917Ti

EPA Power, Italy

The company is producing high performance engines and injection systems for sporting automotive and ultralight aviation. They have been in this business since a large number of years and are proud to introduce a new system, with fully redundant sensors for the conversion of a Rotax aircraft engine.

The flagship aviation engine is the SA-R917Ti which is a converted Rotax Bombardier 914. This conversion increases the power output from 115 hp to a whopping 135 hp! This is done with a fuel injection system, ECU and big bore pistons. The crankshaft and gearbox are not modified and remain original.

On this page we are going to delve into their high performance Rotax conversion and the subsystems EPA provides.

High Performance Engines

The EPAPOWER SA-RT917Ti is equipped with bigger bore cylinders with the same nikasil treatment as the original. Pistons are special developed for EPA by a leading supplier. An electronic fuel injection system is especially developed by EPAPOWER for this turbo application.

EFI System Characteristics

EPA Power R917TiEPA Power R917Ti

The electronic fuel injection system has the following characteristics:

  • Two (2) injectors for each cylinder
  • Four (4) ignition coils with dual exit
  • Kit of two fuel pumps rail mounted with a fuel pressure sensor
  • Turbo waste gate controller
  • Lambda sensor with closed loop control unit
  • Air intake manifold constructed from carbon fiber
  • Optional alternator mounted coaxially with the crankshaft
  • Wiring harness according to aero specifications
  • ECU with CANBUS output with engine parameters to aircraft instrumentation
  • Two diagnostic strategies for warning and caution errors
  • Programmable outputs for accessory management

Engine Power Output

Below an overview of the power output vs engine RPM/MAP:

SettingEngine RPMPower (hp/kW)Torque (Nm)MAP (inHg)Throttle Pos. (%)
Take-Off5800135 / 9916440100
Max Cont.5500110 / 811413572
75%500087 / 641293152
65%480078 / 571142946
55%430064 / 471042840

M170 - ECU

M170 - ECU

The SA-R917Ti engine installation is equipped with a M170 Engine Control Unit from MoTeC, the leading company in engine management systems. Its properties are:

  • Custom CANBUS protocol
  • Fully integrated diagnostics
  • Logging memory, minimum 250 MB
  • Latest generation high performance processor
  • Specific firmware developed by EPAPOWER
  • Storage of defect codes
  • Sensors recovery strategy
  • Not cheap

With this ECU you will always have the latest software and features for your SA-R917Ti engine.

Company information

EPA POWER can be contacted at the following addresses:

Via Salvemini, 23
28012 CRESSA (NO), Italy
[email protected]

Text and images used with permission of EPAPOWER.

Written by EAI.

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