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Great Plains Aviation Supply

Great Plains Aviation Supply LLC

Like the others, Great Plains is also converting the VW Type 1 based, long block engine, for their aircraft engine application. This power plant can be used in over 50 models of experimental aircraft: Sonerai, Sonex, dragonfly, Hummel Bird, Double Eagle to name a few.

There is also a huge parts inventory for those looking for spare parts to maintain their VW conversion engine.

At the moment the company is being offered to qualified individuals interested in continuing the product line. Please contact GPAS via phone or email.

VW Direct Drive

Great Plains Aviation Direct Drive

A direct drive, driven off the crankshaft end (Type 1 only) engine for standard aircraft configurations. The front drive engine turns counter clockwise as seen from the cockpit in a tractor configuration. ONLY wooden props must be used. This is the most popular configuration with the customers.

Reduction Drive

Driven off the large pulley end of the crankshaft. Available in 2.0:1 and 1.6:1 drive ratios made by Valley Engineering. The reduction drive ratio 1.6:1 is for 72 inch to 74 inch propellers and the drive ratio 2.0:1 is for those aircraft requiring 80 inch to 84 inch propellers. The reduction drive is capable of 100 takeoff horsepower (depending on engine displacement size) and 60 continuous horsepower. The propeller turns counter clockwise as seen from the cockpit (tractor installation). Use of wood, composite or adjustable propellers and suitable for the Type 1 VW engine only.

Great Plains Aviation Reduction Drive

Note that metal or composite propellers are not allowed on GPAS VW direct drive conversions, you may only use wooden propellers.

Spare parts

Great Plains Aviation Supply LLC offers an extensive supply of VW based engine parts, long blocks, flywheel drives, Type 1 engine parts, exhaust and propeller hubs, accessory kits and individual engine parts for VW powered light sport or experimental aircraft.


More detailed information and history about the VW air cooled engine can be found at its Wikipedia page.

Company information

Great Plains Aviation can be visited and reached at:

Great Plains Aviation Supply LLC
33642 S 4505 Road
Afton, OK 74331-5553 USA
+1 402-493-6507
[email protected]

Text and images used with permission (pending) of Great Plains Aviation Supply.

Written by EAI.

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