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Revmaster Aviation

Revmaster Aviation

Revmaster Aviation is known worldwide as the manufacturer of precision-built sport aircraft engines. The Revmaster R-2100 engine has proven to be an extremely reliable and most economical propulsion system through thousands of accumulated hours, powering hundreds of various sport aircraft in all parts of the world.

Revmaster was established in 1959 for the purpose of producing remanufactured Volkswagen (VW) engines for the automotive market. In 1968 Revmaster began a design and developmental program to manufacture an all-new light aircraft powerplant. Revmaster Aviation was formed as a subsidiary headquartered at the Chino Airport in Chino, California. The company remained in Chino through the 1970's and eventually relocated to newer facilities at the Hesperia Airport in Hesperia, California.

R-2300 Engine

Revmaster R-2300

The company has finished development of its latest upgraded engine, and the results are impressive: more horsepower at any usable RPM. The new Revmaster R-2300 (2331 cm3 or 142.2 in3) engine maintains Revmaster's famous proprietary systems and parts, including its RM-049 heads that feature large fins and a hemispherical combustion chamber; and it maintains the earlier R-2200 engine top horsepower (82) at 2950 continuous RPM. Takeoff power is rated at 85 hp at 3350 RPM.

Comparing to the R-2200 engine: The additional power ultimately comes from a bore of 94 mm plus lengthening of the R-2200's connecting rods, and increasing the stroke from 78 to 84 mm. This longer stroke results in more displacement and longer connecting rods yield better vibration and power characteristics; the lower cruise RPM allows the use of larger diameter propellers – and the higher peak horsepower can be felt in shorter takeoffs and steeper climbs.


Below a short list of the engine characteristics:

R-2300 Engine 85 HP Specifications
Maximum Power RPM85 hp @ 3350 RPM, 80 hp @ 3000 RPM
Max Operating RPM4200 RPM, Cruise: 3000 RPM
Displacement2331 cm3
Bore x Stroke94 x 84 mm
Compression Ratio8.0 : 1
Oil Type (ASTM D910)SAE 20W50 Multigrade
Dry Weight170 lbs

An in-depth article in Contact Magazine, issue 104.5 of June 2012 can be downloaded here: Revmaster R-2300 technical.

The website of Revmaster has not been updated since 2012 when this engine was announced. Do contact them should you be interested in this engine for your aircraft.


At the moment the company is developing a R-3000 engine with HP rating of 114 @ 3400 RPM and continuous HP of 100 @ 3025 RPM.


More detailed information and history about the VW air cooled engine can be found at its Wikipedia page.

Company information

Revmaster Aviation can be visited (please call in advance) and reached at:

Revmaster Aviation, LLC
7146 Santa Fe Avenue East
Hesperia, CA 92345 USA
+1 760-244-3074
[email protected]

Text and images used with permission (pending) of Revmaster Aviation.

Written by EAI.

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