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Without a method of converting the power produced by the engine into useful thrust an aircraft would just be sitting still and creating a lot of noise and not get anywhere. In the past, all kinds of different propeller designs were tried: sometimes flat wooden blades, from one bladed counter weighted to multiple blade models rotating at various speeds.

Variable pitch propellers have a distinct advantage compared to fixed pitch models. This translates into a more fuel efficient, higher performing aircraft with much improved rate of climb and shorter takeoffs for those tight places!

MT Propeller Entwicklung GmbH was founded in 1981 by Gerd Muehlbauer and is well known in the world of general aviation as the leading manufacturer of natural composite propellers for single and twin engine aircraft, airships, wind tunnels and other specialized applications.

Natural Composites

Compared to a structural foam core composite propeller the natural composite of the MT-Propeller blade has the following advantages: 12 % lower overall weight, 30 % lower polar moment of inertia, 45 % higher vibration dampening effect, the nickel cobalt leading edge is doubled, unlimited service life due to the repairability and maintaining of original blade dimensions, state of the art aerodynamic airfoils and a single piece, low maintenance hub.

The blades are constructed by using high compressed thin layered laminated beech wood, which has a comparable tensile strength as steel, in the root section and selected lightweight laminated spruce wood in the remaining part of the blade. The wooden core is then reinforced by layers of epoxy fiberglass, Kevlar or carbon fiber and properly sealed by multiple coatings of acrylic-polyurethane paint for a lasting finish.

To connect the blade to the hub an aluminum blade ferrule is attached to the blade root by using special design patented lag screws. The pitch change of the blade is enabled by an off-center pin installed in the blade ferrule.

Product line

The company supplies hydraulic or electric adjustable constant speed propellers and also available as fixed pitch and ground adjustable models. Matching spinners made from kevlar, and engine governors are also sold by MT.

These propellers are available from two blade up to six (6) blade models with engine power ranging from 100 hp to 5000 hp.

Nickel leading edge

MT-Propeller natural composite blades feature a metal leading edge protection for best erosion behavior. The metal leading edge can be manufactured from stainless steel or optionally chemically from Nickel.

A stainless steel leading edge is three times harder than an aluminum blade and fully corrosion free, where the nickel leading edge is five times harder. With the chemical production method the leading can be formed in any shape and length. Combine this leading edge with the inboard self adhesive PU strip, and this makes the product all weather proof.

Turbo props

For the turbo prop market, MT developed a dedicated Quiet Fan Jet, QF-J-Propeller. The advantages are improved takeoff, climb and cruise performance, a lower noise level and a jet like sound with very smooth running at all RPMs.

Combined with the unlimited life of the MT-Propeller blades, this makes the QFJ-Propellers a real valuable addition to any existing turbo prop aircraft in the market today.

Company information

MT-Propeller can be contacted at the following addresses:

MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH
Flugplatzstr. 1
94348 Atting, Germany
[email protected] or [email protected]

Text and images used with permission (pending) of MT-Propeller.

Written by EAI.

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