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Without a method of converting the power produced by the engine into useful thrust an aircraft would just be sitting still and creating a lot of noise and not get anywhere. In the past, all kinds of different propeller designs were tried: sometimes flat wooden blades, from one bladed counter weighted to multiple blade models rotating at various speeds.

Variable pitch propellers have a distinct advantage compared to fixed pitch models. This translates into a more fuel efficient, higher performing aircraft with much improved rate of climb and shorter takeoffs for those tight places!

The company is founded in 1990 as NEUFORM Kunststofftechnik. Their first product was a 5-blade propeller for ultra-light aircraft. Right from the beginning it was build with supreme production quality, resulting in the high performance of the propellers.

Propeller Products

Neuform Propellers Internals

NEUFORM Propeller blades are made of a custom foam core within a fibre reinforced shell (GFRP or CFRP), which is covered by a colored gel coat without any extra surface paint. Thus, no loss of paint can ever affect the aerodynamics of the propeller. The individual blades are linked to the hub by a connection tube made from high grade steel.
This special construction allows for smooth running even after many hours of operation.

Ground Adjustable

These can be manually adjusted on the ground before the flight with a special tool. In the two-piece clamping hub, the blades can be turned until the correct angle is set. A small adjusting tool will be helpful to customize the blade angle of the propeller to your aircraft. After all screws are tightened, the blades will be securely set and you are ready for takeoff.

Variable Pitch

NEUFORM variable pitch propellers can be adjusted. That means that you can change the blade angle during flight and thus adjust the propeller as required to the operating conditions of your aircraft. The result will be a much better performance/ climb at takeoff and a more economical cruising reducing your fuel consumption.


Neuform Propellers Three

In 2001, NEUFORM launched their first in flight adjustable pitch propeller, which is in its R2 version since 2003. It is still in production and delivered in ever increasing numbers all over the world.

You can choose between manual control of the propeller by a hand lever in the cockpit or an automatic constant speed control (Control Systems). Just choose the desired engine RPM, everything else will run automatically. The propeller blade angle will be set by the controller for the most optimal performance setting with regard to cruise speed and propeller RPM, meaning that you are free to enjoy the flight.


The spinners for their adjustable pitch propellers are available in different sizes. The spinner cone is made from GFRP with a colored coating in white, black or red (other colors on request). The base plate is made from autoclave cured carbon and fits all standard engine flanges (LK100 mm, LK101.6 mm, 25,4 mm centering, and 47 mm centering). A spacer made from anodised aluminum keeps the correct distance to the base plate.


The company also has a service department for any required maintenance or for any damage repair to the propeller blades. Make sure that you have all relevant information about the propeller, RPM and engine at hand before contacting them.

Company information

NEUFORM Composites can be contacted at the following addresses:

Ameke 63
D-48317 Drensteinfurt, Germany
+49 238 7900 7250
FAX +49 238 7900 72512
[email protected]

Text and images used with permission (pending) of Neuform Composites.

Written by EAI.

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