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Woodcomp Propellers, CZ

Without a method of converting the power produced by the engine into useful thrust an aircraft would just be sitting still and creating a lot of noise and not get anywhere. In the past, all kinds of different propeller designs were tried: sometimes flat wooden blades, from one bladed counter weighted to multiple blade models rotating at various speeds.

Variable pitch propellers have a distinct advantage compared to fixed pitch models. This translates into a more fuel efficient, higher performing aircraft with much improved rate of climb and shorter takeoffs for those tight places!

Woodcomp is located in the Czech Republic and has been manufacturing professionally designed propellers for many years. For that they use precision milling machines, tooling and fixtures. The reinforcement of the propeller is carried out with carbon, aramid or fiber glass composites.

Propeller products

The production of all items of the propellers is done in Woodcomp's own workshops to guarantee technical perfection and continuity throughout the product line.

Woodcomp Fixed Propellers

Fixed propellers

These are available with a diameter from 1200 mm up to 2200 mm for several types of aircraft engines: Rotax, VW, Limbach, Jabiru to name a few. The propellers are made of wooden blocks composed of lamellas of ash or beech wood. The lamellas and wooden blocks are glued using a two component epoxy adhesive.

Pipistrel Aircraft is also using a fixed pitch FP02-80 from Woodcomp as factory delivered propeller on their Alpha Trainer.

Ground Adjustable

Woodcomp Ground Adjustable Propellers

You can select from two to four blade full composite or wooden-composite propellers. Weighing from 1 up to 4 kg and with diameters from 1360 mm to 1750 mm. For propeller blades with wooden core and glass-laminated surface in white or black color, the leading edges of the blades are cast from highly resistant plastic material, which serves as protection against impact of sand, small stones, water and other effects, which damage propeller blades. These blades are available for propeller diameters to 1600mm.

In-flight Adjustable

Woodcomp Constant Speed Propellers

Woodcomp also is manufacturing electric, hydraulic and mechanical variable pitch propellers systems. These are available in two and three blades models with constant speed and feathering functions for engines with power to 115 hp. The single piece propeller hub is made of forged high quality corrosion resistant aluminum alloy. The balancing weights are installed onto the spinner backplate.

The wooden core is strengthened and protected by layers of composite with glass, carbon or aramid fiber reinforcement. The blade root is connected to the aluminum sleeve using special screws. The blade pitch angle is set by an eccentric pin installed at the bottom of the sleeve.

The critical outer section of the blade leading edge is protected optionally by wear resistant cast poly-urethane or stainless steel. The inner section of the leading edge is protected by a self-adhesive PU tape.

EASA Certified

Woodcomp has two EASA certified propellers in their product line. Both are hydraulic variable pitch for engines to 115 hp and diameters to 1738 mm. The model numbers are KW-30 and KW-31.

Company information

Woodcomp Propellers can be contacted at the following addresses:

Woodcomp Propellers
Vodolsk√° 4, 250 70
Odolena Voda, Czech Republic
+420 283 971 309
[email protected]

Text and images used with permission (pending) of Woodcomp Propellers.

Written by EAI.

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