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Without a method of converting the power produced by the engine into useful thrust an aircraft would just be sitting still and creating a lot of noise and not get anywhere. In the past, all kinds of different propeller designs were tried: sometimes flat wooden blades, from one bladed counter weighted to multiple blade models rotating at various speeds.

Variable pitch propellers have a distinct advantage compared to fixed pitch models. This translates into a more fuel efficient, higher performing aircraft with much improved rate of climb and shorter takeoffs for those tight places!

PC AERO has been developing and manufacturing aviation equipment, components and spare parts from composite materials for more than 20 years. The main products are propellers for ultralight aircraft, trikes, LSA, chassis springs for light aircraft and motor hang gliders, fans of various configurations etc. These products are exported to more than 50 countries all over the globe.

About AERO Propellers

The company's specialists created an original design and developed a technology for manufacturing propeller blades. AERO propellers have proven themselves among the pilots of different countries due to their light weight, high strength and durability. Today, PC AERO is manufacturing more than 30 models of aircraft propellers. Thanks to this, they can choose the best propeller configuration for each customer aircraft.


AERO Propeller Hub

AERO works extensively with composite materials and have lots of experience. They own all the technological methods of working with these materials they have developed. The company cooperates with research institutes and laboratories of universities to perform calculations and prototypes. On that basis, scientific work is underway to optimize products made from composite materials.


The material used is fiberglass with 30 % carbon fiber added for strength. This results in corrosion resistance, low water absorption, anti-magnetic properties and good manufacturability allow the use of this material instead of non-ferrous metals, aluminum or steel.

The blades are made of composite materials – the main components of fiberglass are carbon and fiberglass materials (fiberglass T10-80 and carbon fiber) and a low viscosity epoxy binder based on resins, diluting agents and hardener. The propeller hub is made of tempered aluminum. The use of such materials allows for a lighter and stronger propeller.

Ground adjustable

AERO Variable Propeller Hub

The hub is designed in such a way that it allows you to change the angle of the blades on the ground. With this hub, the propeller can be tailored to the specific parameters and situation of the engine, aircraft and operating conditions.

An in-flight variable pitch mechanism is also available for those pilots needing more in cockpit control.


AERO is able to manufacture propellers for aircraft, hang- and paragliders, gyroplanes, airboats and hovercraft. Fabrication of consumer goods and auto parts is also on their portfolio. They further provided the propeller for the Dutch flying car PAL-V (basically a roadable gyrocopter). Read more about flying cars here on our site.

High Thrust

One of their propellers, the four bladed KL-1750, was installed on a gyrocopter running an Edge Performance Rotax conversion producing 135 HP with over 600 lbs of thrust from this propeller!
A very remarkable result from the South African dealer, congratulations!

Company information

PC AERO Propeller can be contacted at the following addresses:

AERO Propeller
Lugansk, UKRAINE
+380 50 588-98-03
[email protected]

Text and images used with permission of PC AERO Company.

Written by EAI.

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